Leaders 13-14 Years

Leaders in Training (LITs)

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Seize this amazing opportunity to embark on your youth leadership journey!

Leaders In Training are the up and coming group of youth preparing themselves for the day they can become one of our Kids Camp Cabin Leaders.

The LIT programme creates a space where we can grow and nurture a young person in their faith, giving them the best platform possible to move into Cabin Leadership.

Under the guidance of the LIT coordinator, the LITs work behind the scene to make camp happen, anything from doing dishes, helping with activities, behind a sound desk or up front doing actions to a Kids' Camp song.

They also take part in their own activities, devotions and group times.

The cost to be an LIT is $115.00 per person. 

The minimum age for LITs is 13 years and they need to be at Year 9 level or above.  

quote The LIT programme has changed my life. It's an amazing combination of service, learning, meeting a new family and lots of fun. Everyone in the programme grows incredibly close and we have so many cool memories. It's changed my view on what being a Christian means as well as given me a lot of new skills. Being an LIT has truly been the most valuable experience and I wish everyone could experience and feel as loved as I do as an LIT at El Rancho quote close

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