Waikanae Beach


The name Waikanae is a Māori word translated, "the waters of the yellow eyed mullet".

It is a popular destination for swimming, kite surfing, sand sailing, kayaking, fishing and whitebaiting. 

Waikanae Beach is a short walk along the Waikanae River, and past the Waikanae Estuary which is home to 63 species of birds throughout the year.
Stroll along the riverbank and enjoy the magnificent scenery while observing the current feathered residents. Tours can also be organised through

Waikanae Estuary Bird Tours with Mik Peryer.

The shallow depths of Waikanae Beach produces a higher water temperature than the steeper coastlines of Wellington harbour to the south and
a safe place for swimming. 

A popular activity with kids is beach art which provides a great opportunity to work as a team and create their own piece of creative genius.

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Kapiti Coast
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